12-year-old received treatment at the University of North Carolina and has been dealing with the impact of COVID for more than a year – mahrgan

A recent study found that as many as one in seven children infected with COVID-19 may develop symptoms related to the virus after 15 weeks.

Although data on how many children will be infected with long-distance COVID are inconclusive, most studies show that this proportion is between 4% and 14%.

More than a year after contracting COVID-19, 12-year-old Wednesday Lynch in the Charlotte area still has a lingering effect.

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“It’s really frustrating,” her mother Melissa Lynch said. “It is true, because I know she is tired. And she just wants to get back to normal.”

He was diagnosed with COVID-19 on Wednesday last September. Her mother said that she had returned to school, but due to health problems, she had missed school for about 16 days this school year.

Melissa Lynch said: “Her blood pressure dropped to 72 and exceeded 50, and her heart rate has been fluctuating back and forth.” “She now has cognitive problems, namely brain fog, memory loss and confusion caused by long-term COVID. Her learning and cognitive abilities have declined.”

California requires children to go to public and private schools to be vaccinated against COVID-19

I lived in Dallas, North Carolina on Wednesday, and went to the COVID Rehabilitation Clinic in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, about once a month, the youngest patient there.

Dr. John Baratta of the UNC COVID Rehabilitation Clinic said: “Wednesday was really tired, memory and concentration difficulties, fever, rash, pain, and she had seizures.”
Dr. Baratta is the founder and co-director of the clinic, which is for adults. He said that in the early days of the pandemic, adults were considered most likely to have lingering problems after contracting COVID.

He is worried that we will see more long-term COVID in children.

“Anyone infected with COVID-19 is at risk of long-term COVID-19,” said Dr. Barata. “We have seen that even if there is only a mild initial illness, there will be lingering symptoms, sometimes even worse than the COVID-19 disease itself. Therefore, I am worried that there may be a new wave in the next few months. COVID-19 has lingering effects, especially the Delta wave.”

Melissa Lynch conducts outreach activities for a group called Long COVID Kids to help other parents experience the same thing.

Lynch said: “We cannot defeat this pandemic by vaccination alone.” “Masks and other pandemic mitigation measures must be coordinated with it.”

Dr. Baratta encourages eligible parents and children to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

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