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Reflexology has many benefits, both physically and mentally. It can improve overall health in many ways, from relieving anxiety to increasing blood circulation. Although this practice is based on the same principles of Chinese medicine as acupressure and acupuncture, it has different methods.

“In reflexology, instead of stimulating the meridian points with needles, you use your thumb, knuckles, or special wooden tools to apply pressure to the pressure points,” explains Cherry Angelica Alfiler, an expert reflexologist and teacher at Enhance Arts Aesthetics & Spa . However, the result is the same: liberation.

It provides one of the main ways of relief: acute and chronic pain management. To be honest, studies have shown that it can help relieve postoperative pain in breast cancer patients. But, like anything, “before anything else happens, you have to master it,” explains Evie Fleming of LPN, the owner of Tree Evolution LLC, because “the body is using all its reserves to solve this problem.”

How does reflexology work?

Reflexology is a science that draws and creates reflexes throughout the body on the feet, hands and outer ears. By controlling pressure in specific areas of your hands, feet, or ears, you can help balance and alleviate the problems of the corresponding body parts, “promoting health and activating the body’s healing potential through relaxation,” said Tish Gilmore, a reflexologist and American Reflexology Certification Board Chairman.

“The human body is very smart, but it can be overburdened by stress and trauma, causing internal overload,” Gilmore said. “This approach allows the body to readjust itself and find vitality in a natural and supportive way.”

In more scientific terms: “The body’s nervous system changes from a sympathetic (fight or flight) state to a parasympathetic (rest and digest) state, enabling it to achieve homeostasis and internal healing,” Gilmore said. She pointed out that for acute or temporary problems, reflexology can provide relief in one course, but chronic problems may require more time.

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Try 3 soothing methods of reflexology

The good news: Reflexology can help solve any type of musculoskeletal problem, Alfiler said. Below are three common types of pain that reflexology can help relieve.

Solve your backache

One word: weakness. This is the cause of back pain. It will affect approximately 80% of people at some stage in their lives. Therefore, when you feel a feeling of tightness and/or throbbing in the lower torso area, try turning to reflexology.

Alfiler says it is great for treating muscle and joint pain and muscle stiffness, especially in the back-and there is plenty of research to support this. A small study involving 50 nurses showed that three 40-minute treatments over a two-week period resulted in a decrease in the intensity of back pain. Another study found that other people who received reflexology once a week for six consecutive weeks also experienced a reduction in low back pain.

When back pain is severe—whether it’s upper, lower, or middle—you want to exercise along the inside of your foot. “The top of the toes is the way of the top of the head,” Gilmore said. “You work in this area [inner] Slowly edge the edges, then a little deeper, and stop at the tender points to resolve them. “Although this is a simplified explanation of the process, professionals can indeed help to work in the right position, if you find that you have good knowledge at hand, you are at a critical juncture.

Reflexology points for back pain

Reflexology points for back pain

Soothes menstrual pain

Are you cramping? Studies have shown that reflexology for ears, hands, and feet can relieve pain. In fact, it works better than taking over-the-counter painkillers (such as ibuprofen). This is good news, considering that severe menstrual cramps can interfere with up to 20% of women’s daily activities.

Gilmore said her preferred source is the three positions of the foot: the distal end and the back of the medial malleolus-or between the sweet center point below your medial malleolus; the exact same location on the outside of the ankle; and between the two areas The entire back bridge. “This basically represents and corresponds to the ovaries, uterus, and fallopian tubes. Hold these points and touch the surroundings to see if any areas are soft,” Gilmore said. “Gently hold the tenderness until it disappears”, each point should not exceed a minute or less.

Reflexology points for menstrual cramps and pain

Reflexology points for menstrual cramps and pain

Stay away from headache

The violent pulsation or sensation of a migraine can be unbearable. Not only do you have to deal with distressing pain, but sensitivity to light and sound, nausea and vomiting are usually part of it. And they are also very common. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 15% of people 18 years and older have reported migraines in the past three months. Fortunately, research shows that reflexology can help improve and/or reduce pain. A simple home technique: press hard on the soft, fleshy webbing between your index finger and thumb for one minute, Gilmore said. This should give you immediate relief.

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Reflexology on hand for a headache

Reflexology on hand for a headache

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