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A mother found out that she had an “invasive” cancer after chest and back pain.

Lyndsey Marie recalled that the pain began in March and “radiated to her back”. She was initially treated for gastric ulcers.

After seeing the doctor again a few weeks later, the 33-year-old woman had to provide a stool sample to detect a bacterium called Helicobacter pylori in her intestines, which can cause stomach ulcers. But the sample and blood test results are clear.

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In July, Lyndsey from Kirkby began to develop further symptoms and stated that she was vomiting and losing weight.

In an interview with the Liverpool Echo, she said: “As early as March, I started to feel chest pain and radiating to my back.

“It lasted for a few months and started to stabilize, but started to worsen around July, when I noticed that I was losing weight and vomiting.

“The doctor checked me and touched my stomach where I was uncomfortable. I had to provide a stool sample, so they performed a test on my intestines called Helicobacter pylori, which causes stomach ulcers. , But the result is obvious.

“I remember talking to the doctor again because it felt something was wrong.

“I think it has something to do with my pancreas because it is on my back, but the doctor assured me that there is no problem with the inflammation markers in my blood.”

Lindsay Marie and her daughters

Lyndsey received further medical treatment and booked a CT scan and endoscopy.

The doctor performed a CT scan, and while Lyndsey was waiting for an endoscopy, she had to go to the emergency room one night due to pain.

The mother of two children explained to the doctor what happened. She recently received a CT scan checked by the doctor.

In a Facebook post describing her journey, Lyndsey said: “I told her that I had a CT scan recently. She asked if she was in this hospital and I said yes.

“So she looked at the screen and I saw the scan. This terrible feeling came to my heart. Her face was covered with this feeling. She told me she was just going to check something, and I knew something was wrong.

“When she returned to the room, she asked me if there was anyone.

“At that time, I said you would tell me that I have cancer, isn’t it you? This hot feeling spread all over my body, I kicked off my shoes and socks, and it felt like I was about to take off from my chest. come out.

“She kept asking me if I could find someone to sit with me. I was hysterical and vomiting in the sink. I called my mother and she couldn’t believe what I was talking about.

“I think she flew over the hospital with wings. She arrived soon and we discussed what the scan had to show. I was told that they found a lump in my stomach. The first thing I said was Will I die if I find spots in my liver?”

Lyndsey was then sent for an endoscopy, and the doctor said her stomach was clean, but it was in her esophagus.

The mother said that she still maintains a positive attitude, “It feels okay, trying to stay positive and strong for my children and family.”

The 33-year-old woman then went for a biopsy. She said: “That is the most terrifying time, because waiting and not knowing are the most terrifying, because you don’t know what stage or what cancer is.

“And you can only hope and pray that they will catch it in time.”

While dating her mother and stepfather, the gastroenterologist told her that this is an “invasive” cancer.

Lindsey described her shock: “The three of us, my mother and stepfather, we just huddled together. I think it lasts forever. It’s heartbreaking.”

A few days later, Lyndsey went to the appointment through Clatbridge Hospital, where she met the oncologist she described as “awesome”.

They discussed the treatment plan, and the mother of two children said it gave her “hope.”

She said: “I am very grateful to that hospital. They made me feel so relieved. The oncologist gave me hope and discussed my cancer type, treatment type and different types of hospitals, such as Christie.

“They are willing to try all different types of things, I said you know there is hope, they will not leave me.”

In her Facebook post, Lyndsey added: “I know this is an aggressive cancer, and I can only maintain a positive attitude towards the effectiveness of these treatments and trials.

“I am full of hope and confidence. I will spend every second of all this and fight for every step of my children, family and friends.”

Lyndsey will start chemotherapy on October 6, and she also wants to share her story to raise awareness.

She said: “I want to raise awareness, because the sooner you tell the story, the sooner you will find the symptoms and the sooner you can get help.”

There is also a JustGiving page for Lyndsey and her family, where you can donate.

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