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People all over the world have experienced back pain. It has become a common complaint of many people who often experience back pain.

Depending on the severity, back pain can be felt in the spine, shoulders, legs, and even buttocks. Generally speaking, back pain is not caused by serious health problems and can go away on its own with rest and painkillers. However, if you feel uncomfortable, you can take many available treatments to overcome the cause of the pain or relieve the pain itself.

Back pain is at the top of the list of most commonly reported health problems and can be avoided by following the tips:

One of the main reasons for people under 50 to take sick leave is back pain. According to research, 80% of people will suffer from chronic low back pain at some stage in their lives, and it may eventually hinder 22% of these people.

Although back pain may not be very serious, it can be unpleasant, severely affect daily activities and work, and even make it impossible for people to live their daily lives. This problem represents the most common chronic health problem in our country.

What causes back pain?

Not all cases of back pain respond to the same treatment: some pain may be caused by a herniated disc, a vertebral fracture, rheumatism, or other serious causes. But in most cases, back pain is caused by incorrect body posture caused by nerve or muscle imbalance. Muscles that are too weak or too strong usually cause discomfort or pain in the lumbar and cervical spine.

Sedentary sitting and maintaining the same posture throughout the working day are factors that exacerbate these muscle imbalances, causing the pelvis to rotate backwards, the lumbar spine is more flexed, and the pressure on the vertebrae increases.

Low back pain

There are several reasons that can cause low back pain. Among other things, wrong actions or positions when lifting heavy objects. Lifting heavy objects in the wrong position can cause the back muscles to stretch, tear and eventually become painful. Similar to lifting weights without warming up, this can also cause low back pain. Then, the aging of the joints, such as osteoporotic arthritis, can also cause back pain. People 30 and 50 years old may experience this condition. At that age, this usually happens due to changes in body structure caused by aging. As we age, the fluid content of the intervertebral discs or the cushions between the vertebrae will decrease, and the intervertebral discs in the spine are more susceptible to inflammation and irritation.

What is the BeBack + system?

It has been proven that the use of a balanced physical exercise program, such as the BeBack+ system, is designed to stretch and regulate the back muscle groups, which can cause chronic pain and other problems. BeBack+ is very effective for everyone who does this without severe back pain problem.

The BeBack + exercise video is a simple stretching exercise that can strengthen the back muscles and may tighten and adjust the abdominal muscles. The plan recommends 2 to 3 days of physical exercise a week, with at least 48 hours between training sessions for muscle recovery and adaptation. However, it can be stretched more frequently every week. If you can maintain regularity and perform the exercises correctly, you should feel improvement in less than two months.

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What exercise can eliminate back pain?

As explained, it is important to divide training into two main categories. The first one will include exercises to improve strength, endurance, and exercise muscles, mainly located in the abdominal area (front rectus abdominis, oblique abdominis and transverse muscles) to increase its stabilizing function; there are also lumbar, paravertebral, back and neck exercises. Front and outer areas. BeBack + also recommends aerobic exercise, but this will not affect the joints (swimming, elliptical machine, cycling…).

Another important part of training is stretching, which can be divided into the following muscle groups:

  • Back muscles, side neck and upper back
  • Muscle tissue of the chest area
  • Hamstring and iliopsoas
  • Psoas-p ventral and dorsal

Other tips you should remember:

In addition to using the BeBack + exercise program to avoid or reduce back pain, it is also important to follow healthy habits. For example, at work, you always try to maintain the correct posture. If you are sitting and working, the seat is ergonomic. If you are standing and working, try not to stay still for a long time.

Remember, you should take a short break and do some stretching exercises on the above areas, preferably every hour. Remember, if you move or lift heavy objects, always keep your back in the correct position and with the greatest help from your legs.

Buy BeBack+

After purchasing a BeBack + exercise and stretching program, customers will get ten complete videos, including a step-by-step guide on how to end back pain and tighten and flatten the abdomen. Customers will also receive a PDF instruction guide to follow at their convenience. Purchase the digital BeBack + program at a price of $37.00 by visiting the official website. The company also provides free bonus materials for all purchases:

  • Free reward 1: Ageless Spine, including four easy-to-do stretching exercises, which can extend the life of the spine/
  • Free bonus 2: Repair your core, this is a diet that supports spine health.
  • Free bonus 3: How to correctly position the body to sleep correctly and align the hips and spine.

To contact the company behind the BeBack Plus digital video program, customers can send an email to:

You can achieve everything in a relatively short time. But if you want more targeted exercise and treatment, it is strongly recommended that you use BeBack+’s treatment video program. They guarantee that if you follow their plan carefully, you will be able to minimize back pain while significantly improving your sleep quality-eWith BeBack+, you will be able to become painless in the comfort of your home.

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