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When you have back pain, even a little relief can help relieve inflammation and mobility, giving you the opportunity to spend the day with as little pain as possible. Because back pain is a very common problem, if you know what to look for, there are plenty of excellent low back pain relief products out there. But, according to the doctor, what should you look for?

Dr. Navya Mysore, a board-certified physician at One Medical in New York City, said: “At least 80% of Americans will experience low back pain in their lifetime. The most common cause of low back pain is mechanical, which is usually caused by machinery. Due to sudden Muscle sprains or strains caused by movements, postures, or lifting inappropriate heavy objects.” Whether you are dealing with chronic inflammation or triggering new injuries, you need to consider mixing products that can relieve pain immediately and prevent Future pain products.

In both cases, Dr. Mysore has some suggestions. She said: “Without medication at home, you can do a lot of things to help relieve pain. Ice compress your lower back muscles for the first 48 to 72 hours, and then switch to alternating cold and hot compresses to help.” To help with long-term prevention, she suggests finding ways to help the body relax. “It may not be lying flat on your back, but by your side, or with a pillow between your knees,” she said. “Epsom salt bath is ok [also] Helps relax tight muscles and replenish magnesium. “

If you are not sure where to start, I have solved it for you. Here are some of the best low back pain relief products on the market to help you get and keep it painless.

1. The cooling gel recommended by the doctor

This clinically recommended gel uses the power of menthol combined with aloe vera base to quickly soothe the back after application. The cooling effect lasts for several hours to relieve muscle tension. In addition, the formula does not contain parabens and all non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID). In addition to relieving low back pain, Amazon reviewers also believe that this gel can also relieve pain and tension in the arms and legs.

According to one critic: “The best product for treating my back and sciatica is more effective than any painkiller. They changed the gel slightly so that the smell is not too strong and it is easier to apply.”

2. This reusable cushion can freeze your entire back

Thousands of Amazon reviewers are full of praise for this huge gel pack that covers the entire back. It is full of gel and will get cold after a few hours in the refrigerator, but this bag will not get wet and slippery like a traditional ice pack. No medication, no ointment-just place this reusable package on your muscles to relieve lower back pain. When it gets warm, you can put it back in the refrigerator for a second round. This gel pack is available in three different sizes, so you can find the one that suits you best, as well as two packs to increase the value.

According to one critic: “This is an excellent product. I have a few athletes in my family, and we have a refrigerator full of gel bags, but we have never found a product that satisfies all of us…until now. This one The product is very soft-this is a big problem when you take out the freezer package from the refrigerator-but it will always stay cold. This product is highly recommended.”

3. This oversized mat can heat up quickly

After chilling, grab this oversized heating pad to help relieve any persistent pain. It has six heating options that can heat up in a few seconds for immediate relief. In addition, the cushion itself is made of comfortable and soft microfibers, and the internal heating wires are ultra-fine, so you can’t feel them at all. If you are worried about it overheating, this mat also has automatic shut-off technology to ensure your safety.

According to one critic: “This is a great heating pad! It does a great job in relaxing my back in the morning and alleviating my morning pain! It is ready for my day. I would recommend this heating pad to anyone! “

4. A heated massager that penetrates into the muscles

For deep muscle pain, this acupressure massager is absolutely essential. First, it has four nodules that move in different directions and at different speeds, which can relax tight muscles from all angles. This pillow massager is ergonomically designed so you can easily place it on your waist no matter where you are sitting. Whether you are relaxing on the sofa or sitting in an office chair, this genius little device can support you. More than 16,000 Amazon reviewers participated, and many reported that this is an excellent massager for all types of back pain.

According to one critic: “It works very well. Its size, shape, and contour all help it to be very suitable for specific problem areas of the body. It can be placed in many locations, and it can even reach harder-to-reach places like the back of the neck or lower back. Area. I’m happy to say that I’m starting to feel the effect.”

5. This Epsom salt soak can relieve pain

This relaxing Epsom salt is an excellent way to relieve back pain at the end of the day. To use, just add a cup of salt to the bathtub and let them dissolve for a while. As a natural muscle relaxant, magnesium sulfate can help you truly relax. For only $9, this is simply a theft. Nearly 10,000 Amazon reviewers have tried it and gave rave reviews.

According to one critic: “This is my first choice to relax my sore muscles when I take a bath. It is very affordable and it is delivered to my door, so I don’t have to carry 20 [pounds] Salt on the stairs. Will definitely continue to buy and highly recommend. “

6. This acupressure pad that naturally relieves muscle tension

Lying on this acupressure pad for 10 minutes a day can help prevent muscle tension and pain. It works as follows: The cushions and pillows have hundreds of hard plastic nodules, which are pressed into specific points to trigger your muscles to relax. You can lie on this mat for longer to release super painful muscle knots, or you can use it to relax your back before it becomes tight and painful.

According to one critic: “I am also skeptical of this sharp plastic pad. However, due to the long-term tightness of the shoulders, the price of 20 dollars seems to be worth a try. The first 2-3 minutes feels like a fire: everything hurts and starts to burn. After the initial sensation, the sensation of being stabbed disappeared, and the muscles were warm, just relaxed on the mat. After a training session, my back and shoulders became visibly loose.”

7. This lumbar support pillow that can be used on the desk

In order to prevent the spread of back pain during the entire working day, this memory foam pillow is a good choice. It is designed to fit most standard office chairs and has a keyhole on the back to reduce the pressure on the tailbone and spine. It also uses an ergonomic design to keep you comfortable throughout the day. The insert is made of high-density memory foam and will not deform over time.

According to one critic: “Buying what I affectionately calls a comfortable butt pillow is probably the best decision I have ever made. It feels like you are sitting on the most supportive but fluffy cloud and the little angel is playing on your cheeks. Harp. Your posture has greatly improved—something I desperately need—it really helps relieve my back pain.”

8. This foam knee pillow can provide you with support while you sleep

In terms of painless sleep at night, you can’t beat this ergonomic knee pillow. It is made of high-density memory foam, which supports your knees, hips and lower back during a nap. The unique design helps keep your spine in a neutral position, giving tight muscles a chance to relax and heal eventually. It even comes with a breathable, detachable lid, so you can easily put it in the wash. More than 10,000 Amazon reviewers have tried this as a solution to body pain, sleep problems, etc.

According to one critic: “When I sleep on my side, I feel that my hips are finally aligned. I have been sleeping well, and my right leg is not as nervous as most of the time. This is a great pillow and I highly recommend it. “


Dr. Navya Mysore, Board Certified Physician of One Medical, New York City

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