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The floor back stretcher is a kind of equipment usually made of plastic or wood. It weighs only a few pounds and lies flat on the floor with the round part facing up. You lie on your back on the device, face up, and place the part of your back you want to stretch on the curve of the stretcher. When you lie on the curve, you should feel a slight stretch in your back.

Health benefits of back stretchers

There are few clinical studies on the health benefits of using a back stretcher, but there is a lot of evidence that stretching can improve back pain. If used properly, a back stretcher can be a useful supplement to your daily stretching exercises.

A study of nurses in Taiwan showed that they work under their feet most of the day, and the results show that regular stretching exercises can improve their back pain. At the same time, a 2016 study in the “Healthcare” magazine reported that exercise programs including stretching can increase the range of motion of the spine, making it easier to perform normal daily activities.

Using equipment to stretch back muscles can help relieve back pain. A study in the journal Work found that becoming more active and exercising with minimal equipment, such as rolling your lower back on a hard ball on the floor, can effectively relieve lower back pain. The back stretcher is larger than the back covered by the ball and can also provide relief.

Portable back stretcher device

The back pain relief device is a convenient choice for home back pain treatment and preventive care.

Who should use a back stretcher?

According to their doctors, people who experience mild chronic pain that does not require surgery may benefit from using a back stretcher to relieve discomfort or pain. “They may have a few weeks of pain, but it is not serious-it just troubles them, and many of us are like this,” Dr. Shami said, adding that a thick rolled up blanket or yoga mat can provide the back stretcher.

“Back pain is a very common problem for everyone,” Dr. Shami said. “About 90% of people will experience low back pain at some point in their lives.” Fortunately, if it has nothing to do with an accident, lifting a heavy object or illness, it usually disappears on its own, he added.

However, if the pain does not go away or you cannot determine the cause, please consult your doctor before trying to treat yourself. “Unless you understand the cause of the pain, the treatment you choose may be useless or may be harmful,” said Dr. Shami.

How to use a back stretcher

Some back stretcher manufacturers provide clear instructions on how to position your body to use the equipment effectively. Sit on the floor with your knees bent and your tailbone leaning against one end of the stretcher. Then put your back on the stretcher and adjust yourself so that the back that needs relief is directly at the highest part of the stretcher curve. When you are lying here, remember to take a few deep breaths to help enhance the effect and promote a sense of relaxation. If you have an adjustable back stretcher, set it to start at the lowest arch.

Be careful when getting on and off the stretcher, especially if your back is injured. Dr. Shamie recommends placing a blanket next to you so that when you take off the blanket, you can gently roll to the side and push yourself up with one hand on the floor.

Some back stretchers are also designed to be used as lumbar (lower back) support on the chair.

Back stretcher and inverted stand

Both the floor back stretcher and the inverted stand are designed to help you stretch your back muscles, but they operate in different ways.

The inverted stand firmly fixes your body on a narrow flat surface, and then tilts back to make your body at an upside-down angle, using gravity pull to reduce the pressure on the spine and stretch your back. Experts recommend keeping this position for no more than a few minutes at a time.

At the same time, the floor back stretcher provides a different kind of stretch. You can focus your body on the tense part of your back and stay in that position as long as you feel comfortable. “The inverted stand does not overstretch your back like a back stretcher,” Dr. Shamie added.

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