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Micah Raskin on the benefits of chiropractic

Nassau County, New York, USA, September 29, 2021/EINPresswire.com/-More than 70 million people in the United States suffer from certain types of chronic pain, including migraine and low back pain. Although pain medication may help, it is not always a long-term solution. Negative side effects, high prices, and especially the possibility of addiction, make people look for more comprehensive treatments for chronic pain.

Micah Raskin said that another pain management therapy is chiropractic. Especially for those who suffer from back pain, migraine, temporomandibular joint or neck pain. Chiropractic is most related to the rearrangement of the spine-the subtle adjustment of the spine back to its original position, combined with muscle stimulation and rehabilitation. Raskin said that this proves how important real chiropractic is.

Chiropractic treatment is affordable

In 2016, a study was conducted on the economic benefits of chiropractic therapy. They followed Medicare patients with chronic back pain seeking chiropractic treatment. The control group took more traditional treatments, such as analgesics.

The study found that people who participated in chiropractic treatment had lower overall costs. They also spend less time on treatment. This is because chiropractic focuses on solving problems, not just symptoms, Micah Raskin said.

Micah Raskin says that chiropractic therapy reduces the need for opioids

When you suffer from chronic pain, it is likely that at some point, you will get an opioid pain reliever regimen to control it. Micah Raskin said that for many people, this is the only treatment that can relieve their suffering. But for those with back pain, neck pain, migraine or other skeletal muscle pain, chiropractic may be a healthier option.

In 2020, researchers interested in pain management and chiropractic therapy completed a study. The study compared opioid prescriptions for patients seeking chiropractic treatment with patients who did not seek chiropractic treatment.

They found that patients who went to see a chiropractor were less likely to be matched with their opioid prescriptions. Micah Raskin said this may be the result of multiple factors, including greater pain reduction and preference for holistic care.

Chiropractic can help relieve back pain

Micah Raskin said that perhaps the best reason to seek chiropractic treatment is to effectively and reliably relieve pain and increase range of motion. Although chiropractic is not suitable for everyone, nor can it cure pain caused by degenerative diseases and conditions, it can be an excellent alternative to steroid injections, surgery, and other invasive pain procedures.

The ACP (American College of Physicians) recommends that doctors advise their patients to seek non-drug treatments for low back pain, including yoga, Tai Chi, acupuncture, chiropractic with rehabilitation, and meditation.

A 2019 study found that chiropractic therapy can improve function, range of motion, and pain even when compared to the placebo group.

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