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According to the “Medical Device Expert Review” magazine, a new custom implant can relieve back pain within minutes.

This quick, painless treatment prevents pain signals from reaching the brain by stimulating the spinal cord with a gentle electric current.

Studies have shown that it can treat up to 32 areas of the back at the same time, reducing pain by more than five times in just over 11 minutes on average.

Some patients receive benefits within as little as 9 minutes after starting treatment, which is called fast-acting subsensory therapy (FAST).

Now, doctors at the Barts Health NHS Trust in London and other hospitals across the country are testing the device on more patients.

Fast, painless treatment works by stimulating the spinal cord with a gentle electric current to prevent pain signals from reaching the brain

According to the charity Versus Arthritis, chronic back pain is defined as persistent pain that lasts more than 12 weeks and affects one in six adults.

Treatment ranges from mild exercise, pain medication and physical therapy, to steroid injections and surgery.

The FAST method involves implanting a miniature generator under the skin on the lower back, about the size of a small pocket watch.

Wires and electrodes are connected through tunnels to painful areas in different parts of the spine. Electric pulses are transmitted to the painful area through them through the handheld controller.

Up to 32 electrodes, each about 1 mm in diameter, can be connected to the generator, allowing doctors to customize the treatment according to the needs of the patient.

Electrical impulses can interfere with pain signals that travel along nerves to the brain, blocking them or reducing their intensity.

This new study conducted in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Spain shows that the FAST method can not only reduce pain at the target point, but also reduce pain in the surrounding area.

Unlike other stimulators, this therapy works very quickly and without feeling.

There is no tingling sensation associated with other forms of electrical stimulation, such as transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), which is usually used for mild to moderate pain and during labor.

This study involving 41 patients with chronic back pain showed that the device can produce results almost immediately.

Before implanting the device, according to the medical scoring test, the average pain level score was 8.4, but it dropped to 1.3 in an average of 11.2 minutes after using the device. The report stated that these lower pain levels lasted for several months.

Even one year after the device was implanted, the average pain score was only 1.6.

‘This multicenter study provides the first report on a novel FAST that induces rapid and sustained analgesia [relief from pain] In patients receiving chronic pain treatment,” the researchers said.

Commenting on the study, Ian Harding, an orthopedic consultant at the NHS Trust in North Bristol, said: “There are many causes of back pain, and if possible, treatment should be targeted at the cause.

“This is an interesting concept that may help some patients with back pain, but we need larger studies and more studies to further define its role.”

Can a chemical found in the liver solve the problem of obesity?

According to research in the journal Nature Metabolism, a chemical used by the liver to break down food also plays a role in suppressing appetite.

Scientists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne found through animal studies that bile acids are transferred from the digestive tract to the brain through the blood, and eventually reach the hypothalamus, which helps control appetite.

Bile acids prevent the release of proteins that stimulate appetite and hunger.

Researchers hope that this information can be used to develop treatments for obesity.

A nasal spray extracted from cow colostrum is being tested as a preventive treatment for Covid. Colostrum (a liquid produced after childbirth) comes from cows previously immunized against Covid and therefore contains antibodies. Researchers at the University Hospital of Tartu in Estonia hope that it can become an effective barrier against the virus.

How exercise promotes a hormone that saves the brain

Can the hormones produced by exercise help explain why regular activity is good for brain health?

Researchers at the Massachusetts General Hospital in the United States found that in the reared mice, brain function is reduced, so they cannot produce the hormone irisin that is normally secreted from the muscles during exercise. When these animals were given chemicals to increase their irisin levels, their brain function was significantly improved.

The findings, published in the journal Nature Metabolism, indicate that this hormone helps improve brain health and may become a potential treatment for diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Injecting the patient’s own blood can improve the symptoms of chronic long-term back pain. According to a study in Pain Physician, approximately seven out of ten patients experience improvement after infusion of platelet-rich plasma (PRP).

The trial at the Institute of Traumatology in Barcelona, ​​Spain included 65 patients who had experienced back pain for approximately 10 years. PRP is made by spinning the blood to produce a higher concentration of platelets. Platelets contain proteins called growth factors that help heal damage and have anti-inflammatory effects.

Melody Medicine

This week: reduce work depression

Listening to your favorite music from the 30-minute playlist can relieve work-related stress. This is the discovery of a study published in the Journal of Public Health by researchers from the University of Pavia and other institutions in Italy.

The 45 participants were divided into three groups-one group listened to the music of their choice, the second group listened to the playlist selected by the artificial intelligence, and the third group did not listen to the music.

The two groups who listened to songs (30 minutes of music a day for three weeks) reported lower stress levels than the non-music group. It is based on a questionnaire, the Maugeri Stress Index, which assesses the impact of work on mental health. Studies have shown that music can help reduce the level of the stress hormone cortisol.

Rude health

Canadian researchers report that talk therapy helps reduce pain during sexual intercourse. They asked 108 couples affected by this to take three months of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT, a type of talk therapy) or use lidocaine (a numbing cream). CBT is better for pain relief because it is believed to reduce the association between pain and sex.

Kitchen remedies

Health benefits of pantry.This week: Mushrooms help prevent osteoporosis

They are one of the few plant sources of vitamin D, which can enhance the absorption of bone-enhancing calcium to prevent osteoporosis, where bones become fragile.

Exposing mushrooms to ultraviolet light will greatly increase their vitamin D content, just as our skin produces nutrients when exposed to the sun. According to data from the US Department of Agriculture, in 100 grams of portobello mushrooms, the vitamin increased from 0.3 micrograms to more than 11 micrograms in just a few hours.

A review in the journal Nutrition published by Curtin University in Australia in 2018 found that basking mushrooms with the gills side up can maximize their vitamin content.

The NHS tells us to consume 10 micrograms of vitamin D per day. You can get it from two portobello mushrooms exposed to the sun.

New blood test can be used to screen babies in the womb

Doctors have developed a new blood test to detect cancer-it can even be used to screen unborn babies for genetic diseases.

The GETmap test is based on the following principle: When any cell dies (including from a developing fetus), part of its DNA will eventually enter the blood.

This “circulating” DNA can be used to help identify cancer before it appears in standard screening tests.

Unlike previous methods of detecting circulating DNA, this new method measures epigenetic changes in which certain genes are turned on and off. According to a study published in eLife magazine by the Chinese University of Hong Kong, it can also reveal the original organization of DNA.

Malaria parasites help prevent…malaria

Live parasites are used in malaria vaccines.

This disease is caused when mosquitoes transmit the malaria parasite (in the early stages of development) to the victim.

They enter the liver from the bloodstream, develop and reproduce there, then return to the bloodstream, infect red blood cells and cause symptoms.

In a clinical trial, participants were provided with a vaccine containing malaria parasites and antimalarial drugs that kill them before they develop further.

Three months later, the volunteers in the study contracted malaria. According to a report in the journal Nature, researchers have found that the vaccine can provide a high level of protection. There are 229 million cases of malaria every year in the world.

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