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The company strives to give back to hometown by eliminating the cost as a barrier to pain treatment

Published: October 6, 2021 at 5:23 PM EDT|renew: 12 hours ago

Austin, Texas, October 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – NeuFit®, A provider of advanced neuromuscular therapy for patients and athletes, will provide physiotherapy services to patients on a pro rata basis. Austin exist Friday, October 22, 2021 In them West Lake Headquarters.

Photos of the NeuFit scanning process.

The goal of “Pay What You Can Day” is to help more people quickly get rid of any pain suffered due to surgery or injury so that they can re-do what they like to do.​​

During the 30-minute rehabilitation session, the patient will first be evaluated by a NeuFit physical therapist who will complete a series of muscle tests and then perform a non-invasive scanning process to determine the exact source of the patient’s pain. The physical therapist will then work with the patient to change the nerve pattern and retrain the body to return to its optimal function. After overcoming any movement restrictions, the patient will be able to experience greater painless movement.

NeuFit uses an electrical nerve stimulation device called Neubie®. The device is part of a holistic approach to helping patients recover from accidents, injuries, and operations, and athletes seeking the best performance, called the NeuFit is from Garrett Sarpet, Neuroscientist and engineer and his team at NeuFit. Salpeter recently published a book about his research and the use of Neubie equipment, NeuFit method releases the power of the nervous system for faster healing and optimal performance.

“We see the powerful effects of electrical nerve stimulation on patients every day in the clinic,” Salpeter said. “Physiotherapists who added Neubie equipment to their practice also reported similar results. Our’Pay What You Can Day’ aims to remove the cost barriers that patients may have to experience the benefits of this type of physical therapy. We ‘S team is happy to bring the NeuFit method to as many people as possible Austin Those who are suffering. “

Clinicians have been able to use Neubie and NeuFit methods to help patients recover from many problems, such as plantar fasciitis, ankle sprain, back pain, neck pain, tennis elbow, arthritis, chronic pain, hamstring strain, swelling and many more.

Pay What You Can Day will be open all day October 22. You can call NeuFit headquarters at 512-225-6909 to book a course.

About NeuFit
Based on Austin, Texas, NeuFit is a healthcare company focused on the relationship between neurology and fitness. It is dedicated to treating athletes and patients, achieving effective rehabilitation, sustainable fitness and improving overall health. The company has worked with thousands of patients who have recovered from neurological dysfunction, chronic pain and sports injuries, including professional athletes, sports teams and universities.The company operates its own clinic at its international headquarters Austin It uses the Neufit method to upgrade rehabilitation and fitness for a wide range of patients and customers.For more detailed information about NeuFit and Neubie devices, please visit Neubie® and NeuFit® are registered trademarks of NeuFit.

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