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Rapid City, SD — The new treatment plan was first launched at the Rapid City Medical Center of the Interventional Pain Management Department in Montenegro.

Dr. Tyler Ptacek (Tah-Check PR) joined Rapid City Medical Center in December 2020. He really likes to understand his patients as individuals and then help them solve medical problems related to pain.

Dr. Ptacek described his bedside attitude as open and relaxed. He likes to start his treatment plan by focusing on the big picture first, while focusing on the things that are important to the patient. He believes that this approach is essential to help determine an appropriate treatment plan. Dr. Ptacek has extensive experience in several new interventional pain therapies in this field.

Dr. Tyler Ptacek, an interventional pain expert at Rapid City Medical Center, explained that there are many treatments available for patients who cannot relieve chronic back pain.

“The one thing I really care about is that there is always a next step,” Dr. Ptacek said. “I have seen many patients feel desperate. I explained multiple steps in a detailed order, so my patients know that if the first thing doesn’t work, then there is always the next step.”

However, finding the right way to relieve pain can be a difficult process. Dr. Ptacek conducted a series of surveys with his patients. These surveys clearly outlined how severe the patient’s pain was and how the pain was restricted in their daily activities. The purpose of these investigations is to hold Dr. Ptacek and the patient accountable, and to clearly record the success of the treatment. For chronic back pain, steroid injections are a common treatment that can reduce inflammation and allow patients to make progress in physical therapy. However, these are usually over-specified and over-used.

Dr. Ptacek uses imaging to determine the correct place to inject the drug

Dr. Ptacek is able to determine the correct position through image guidance to confirm that the needle is in the correct position so that the drug can have a positive impact on the patient.

An often overlooked but very effective treatment for severe pain is to regenerate stem cells. Aspirates of platelet-rich plasma or bone marrow concentrate take advantage of the body’s natural healing capabilities. Dr. Ptacek is able to regenerate the neck, middle back, lower back, sacroiliac joints and intervertebral discs.

The most recent pioneering treatment used to relieve back pain is Intracept surgery. Intracept is a permanent solution for back pain. This minimally invasive outpatient surgery has just been approved by the FDA in January 2019. It removes the sensory nerves in the vertebrae that cause mechanical back pain. Dr. Ptacek is currently the only doctor in South Dakota to perform this operation and has seen the patient experience significant relief within one to two weeks.

Another treatment option that has made huge advances in technology and evidence is spinal cord stimulation. This treatment uses a high-frequency stimulator to reduce pain, which was implanted after a successful week of trials. It provides drug-free treatment with a pain relief rate of 80-100% and lasts for more than 10 years.

Dr. Ptacek recently moved to Black Hills, which gives previously untreated pain patients a chance to get relief.

“I always try to put the patient’s best interests first,” Dr. Ptacek said, “I try to treat every patient as my family. If they come back, their function and overall health status will not improve. , Then we will discuss the next reasonable option.”

Dr. Ptacek also serves as a flight surgeon and other duties in the U.S. Air Force. He and his wife Melanie have two boys and a daughter. Dr. Ptacek also enjoys traveling, hiking, skiing and flying small airplanes.

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