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Online searches for arthritis and osteoarthritis symptoms have increased with the increase of residents in the UK.

As National Arthritis Week approaches, Good Energies’ B-Cure Laser released the results of a study of health issues that have seen a significant spike in Google search traffic in 2021.

The most searched category in this category is “arthritis symptoms”, with 14,800 searches across the UK. Followed by “Osteoarthritis Symptoms” (6,600 searches), “Arthritis Symptoms” (2,400 searches) and “Arthritis Help” (590 searches), as the reduction in physical activity started throughout the COVID-19 pandemic Show the possible impact.

However, as the restrictions were relaxed throughout the summer and people began to return to their GPs and again received support, the number of people searching for “arthritis help” fell by 41%, from 1,000 searches to 560 year-on-year.

Good Energies launched a laser-powered pain relief device for home therapy in the UK earlier this year and has conducted in-depth research on more than 70 key terms covering mental health and physical pain issues. In the past 12 months, more than 760,000 searches have been conducted involving arthritis, fibromyalgia, and menopause, as well as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and autism.

Itay Avni, British manager of B-Cure Laser, said: “As we approach the National Arthritis Week in October, we want to understand the health issues in this country. By exploring people’s concerns from a mental health and physical health perspective, we have been able to We see clear areas that bother British residents, including concerns related to arthritis, which have increased significantly.”

After our society has experienced 18 challenging months and COVID-19 concerns have led to increased anxiety about visiting general practitioner offices, it is not surprising that people turn to the Internet for self-diagnosis. Although the Internet will provide many useful guides on health care topics and staying healthy longer, we still recommend anyone who is concerned about their health to seek professional help. “

Itay Avni, Manager of B-Cure Laser UK

The highest searches per capita in the UK are “anxiety symptoms” (165.04 times per 100,000 people), “menopausal symptoms” (135.78) and “depressive symptoms” (111.03). Also on the list is fibromyalgia, a disease associated with widespread musculoskeletal pain, fatigue, sleep, memory, and emotional problems. There were 40,500 searches for “fibromyalgia symptoms”.

Earlier this year, the B-Cure Laser team also announced the results of a British Adult Pain Survey, which showed that the monthly expenditure of the British population on pain treatment is estimated to be 1.14 billion pounds (1,140,​​633,600 pounds).

Although 75% of the respondents admitted that they are satisfied with the current pain treatment, 25% of the respondents said they were not satisfied or did not use the treatment. A total of 54% of respondents said they use painkillers to treat their illness (34% use over-the-counter painkillers and 20% use prescription painkillers), while 10% and 7% of respondents said they use alcohol and recreational drugs, respectively To relieve the symptoms of their pain.

The survey shows that more than a quarter of Britons (26%) experience pain at least once a month, and one in five claim that they cannot sleep due to pain.

Lower back pain accounts for 40% of the pain in the UK and is most common in Swansea. 64% of residents report difficulty. The city that reports the most pain is Worcester, where 27% of people are really struggling-when you listen When Worcester residents spend an average of £98.59 a month on pain relief, the pain really gets worse.


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