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Caversham, October 5, 2021 (Global News Agency)-Kevin Mullen, an experienced Reading osteopathy physician, has joined the Reflex Spinal Health team. Reflex Spinal Health provides chiropractic, osteopathy, foot orthotics, massage therapy, exercise, neurointegration system care, health care and spinal rehabilitation in Reading, Berkshire and South Oxfordshire.

Kevin Mullen will join the team on Monday, October 4, 2021. He has been practicing locally for more than 7 years and is now using his extensive experience to enhance the services provided by Reflex Spinal Health.

When asked about his thoughts on joining Reflex Spinal Health, Kevin said: “I really look forward to starting with Reflex Spinal Health and becoming a member of such a great team. Provide chiropractic, osteopathy and work side by side. Soft tissue therapy is a real attraction, and Reflex Spinal Health has a good reputation locally.”

Andy Green, Clinic Director of Reflex Spinal Health, welcomed Kevin Mullen and said, “I’m very happy that Kevin Mullen has agreed to join our Reflex. I have known Kevin for many years, and it can be traced back to the fact that we both worked at Reflex Fitness above Waitrose in Caversham. At that stage, about 15 years ago, he used his knowledge as a PT and rehabilitation specialist, and at the same time was trained to become an osteopathic doctor in Oxford Brooks. This seems to be a long time ago, especially since Kevin has practiced locally For more than seven years! I know that Reflex has added an important strength to our Reading Chiropractor and Osteopathic clinical team, and I look forward to his appointment soon.”

One of the suggestions Kevin received from a past client on his LinkedIn profile said: “I have a problem with my back, so I went to see Kevin. I didn’t know him beforehand, and I didn’t even pass a recommendation or I heard about him by word of mouth. His assessment is very thorough and I can say that he is very knowledgeable. After several treatments, Kevin was able to adjust my body to prevent back problems from recurring, and at the same time let me exercise at home, which will help me Improve the strength and flexibility in the correct area. The result is great for me, I was able to complete the marathon within 6 weeks after treatment. I am very happy and thank him for his help. His continuous follow-up proves that he cares about his customers. “

Another satisfied customer said to Kevin’s other enthusiastic recommendation: “I really can’t recommend Kevin. Over the years, I have seen countless physiotherapists, chiropractors, and even other osteopaths, because I have been in the business for nearly 20 years. Suffered various injuries in his endurance sports. Although these usually help in the short term, it feels like they have been treating symptoms, not the cause. This is where Kevin really stands out: he looks at the big picture and keeps thinking and Research on ways that may be helpful to patients. I’ve never been a person who sleeps well and I’m still struggling. However, I recently had two cases of sleepless nights after visiting Kev! He is highly recommended.”

Reflex Spinal Health can relieve many musculoskeletal diseases and symptoms for patients, such as back pain, neck pain, sciatica and headaches (including migraines). Reflex Spinal Health also provides cutting-edge K laser therapy for various situations. The clinic stated that pain management, correction, and restoring optimal function to patients are their main goals. The clinic won the Best Health and Welfare Provider Award for the entire Thames Valley region, which was awarded by the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Readers can learn more about the clinic by viewing the information and reviews of Reflex Spinal Health online. The clinic can be contacted by phone number 0118 946 2100 or using the contact form on its website.


For more information about Reflex Spinal Health, please contact the company here:

Reflex spine health
Andrew Green
17 Church Rd, Reading, RG4 7AA



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