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Back support straps or back braces may be beneficial for people with chronic diseases such as low back pain or osteoarthritis. However, there are some factors to consider when buying, such as the support a person needs and the type of pain they have.

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A person can wear a back support belt around the lower back area to provide lumbar support.

These belts are generally lightweight and comfortable to wear. Some companies also sell belts with additional compression features to provide additional support. However, these products may be more restrictive than other styles of belts.

A 2018 study showed that long-term use of braces can help reduce back pain. The study participants wore a brace for 3 months, and the researchers found that the brace stabilized the muscles of the spine and relieved back pain.

Back support straps may also help in the following situations:

In addition, a Study in 2019 It is suggested that the back brace may be useful for elderly patients undergoing colonoscopy. The researchers pointed out that using the device may help colonoscopy because it compresses the abdomen. Therefore, the endoscopist may find it easier to perform the procedure, which may reduce the duration of the procedure.

Back support has several advantages, including:

  • Limit exercise, which may promote healing
  • Improve posture
  • Provides extra lumbar support
  • Reduce pain symptoms
  • Has an adjustable design, which means that the belt is suitable for most people

However, if a person does not wear the back support belt properly, it can cause skin damage or irritation. In addition, wearing a belt that is too tight or inappropriate may not provide proper support.

When buying a back support belt, people may want to consider the following factors:

  • Material: This is important for comfort, because people may wear it for a long time. Breathable and lightweight materials can also reduce the risk of skin irritation or injury.
  • flexibility: Some back support straps are soft and elastic, while others are rigid and restrict movement.
  • Additional features: Some waist belts may provide additional features that are useful to some people, such as pockets for storage and enhanced support. However, these additional features may make the product more expensive.

Here are some back support straps that can be purchased online.

Riptgear back support

Best for posture support

This unisex belt is available in black or blue and comes in four sizes, from small to extra-large.

Riptgear straps contain neoprene, nylon and spandex that are comfortable and lightweight. These materials are breathable, so people can wear the product for a long time. The company says the belt is strong, flexible and adjustable.

Riptgear recommends this back brace for those who need lower back and posture support.

The design includes four back support stabilizers to provide additional support.

At the time of release, the list price of Riptgear Back Brace was approximately $35.

Flexguard lower back support belt

Best for heat therapy or cold therapy

This unisex support comes in two sizes to choose from. The belt contains neoprene, which the company claims is comfortable and strong.

One can adjust the belt through the pulley system. It also contains vertical metal bars to help keep the back straight.

In addition, the waist belt has mesh pockets for inserting hot or cold packs. This may benefit those who need heat or cold to relieve pain.

Learn more about hot and cold therapy.

The company stated that the product is suitable for back pain, intervertebral disc herniation, sciatica and post-operation.

At the time of release, the price of Flexguard’s lower back support strap was approximately $30.

Muller adjustable strap

Best for stable lumbar support

The bracket is made of neoprene, which Mueller claims is lightweight and breathable. People may find that this brace can be worn comfortably for a long time.

The product contains eight steel springs, which can be shaped according to the shape of a person’s back to provide firm lumbar support. According to reports, the adjustable tailoring is suitable for most adults.

Mueller said that this kind of harness is best for people with low back pain, back strains and sprains.

At the time of release, the Mueller adjustable strap was priced at approximately $22.

Luxurious and comfortable FLA lumbosacral support

Best for back and abdominal support

This back support has a 10-inch wide elastic band that people can use to adjust the fit. It has four sizes to choose from, from medium to XX large.

The product has a hook and loop closure system to ensure a firm fit. It also has an overlapping abdominal band that provides additional stomach support and lift.

Deluxe Comfort said that the tapered front and V-shaped back of the belt will provide most people with a comfortable wearing feeling.

At the time of release, the list price of the Deluxe Comfort FLA lumbosacral support was approximately US$35.

Sparthos strap

Best for compression

This back support comes in three sizes: small, medium and XX large. The waistband contains a breathable polyester material.

The bracket also has a firm support bracket, elastic mesh to make it elastic, and a durable Velcro to hold the belt in place.

Sparthos Back Brace also has a removable lumbar pad to provide extra support for the lower back.

Sparthos stated that the product is suitable for people with back pain, muscle aches, herniated discs and sciatica.

At the time of release, the list price of Sparthos Back Brace was approximately $35.

King of kings lower back brace

Best for muscle strain

This unisex design is available in four sizes, from small to extra large. It includes breathable non-chloroprene rubber and non-elastic knitted fabrics.

The company claims that the design allows natural movement while providing comfortable support.

The product also has a pulley system, so people can adjust the fit and apply the appropriate amount of pressure required. The waist belt also has two nylon rods to support the psoas muscles of the waist.

King of Kings stated that the product is suitable for people with a range of back injuries, including muscle strains.

At the time of release, the price of the King of Kings back brace was approximately US$75.

Here are some common questions about back support straps.

Is lumbar support useful?

The results of studies on lumbar support have been mixed.

A sort of Study in 2019 Investigating the effect of flexible lumbar support on low back pain in assembly line workers found that there was no significant difference in pain levels reported by participants compared with the control group.

However, other Research It is recommended to wear a flexible lumbar support, such as an abdominal belt, which may slightly reduce the pain. The authors of the study found that participants who wore an abdominal band reported less pain after 1 week than those who did not wear an abdominal band.

How does one choose the right back support?

The back support a person needs depends on several factors.

People need to consider whether they need lower, middle or upper back support. They should also make sure to buy back support straps with lightweight and breathable materials.

Are there other options for back support straps?

A person can try a back brace or back support cushion that may help relieve lower back pain.

Alternatively, people can use hot or cold compresses to relieve back pain and muscle aches.

Learn more about home remedies for back pain.

If a person’s back pain does not go away on their own, they should contact a doctor who may recommend physical therapy and back exercises.

If their back pain does not go away after a few weeks, becomes severe, or interrupts their daily activities, they should seek medical advice.

People should seek emergency medical advice if they experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Genital numbness or tingling
  • Difficulty urinating
  • Loss of bladder or bowel control
  • Chest pain
  • high temperature
  • Unconscious weight loss
  • Swollen back
  • The pain is more severe at night
  • Increased pain when sneezing, coughing, or going to the toilet

The back support belt can provide lumbar support and reduce the symptoms of low back pain, osteoarthritis and disc herniation.

A variety of back support belts with various functions can be purchased online. However, if any back pain worsens or does not go away on its own, be sure to contact your doctor.


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