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Mercer County, West Virginia (WVVA)-Dr. Randy Maxwell, a local doctor and chairman of the Mercer County Health Commission, is sharing how breast cancer affects his family and what he is doing now to help cancer patients.

His late wife Michelle Maxwell was diagnosed with breast cancer in the summer of 2017. After a few months, the situation seemed to improve.

“After about 2 months, they said hey, you are a survivor and your cancer cannot be detected. She still needs radiotherapy to make sure she also had a double mastectomy during that time,” Maxwell said.

Before she completed these radiation treatments, Maxwell said that she had low back pain, which led to MRI and different diagnoses.

“She has metastasized. As you know, metastatic breast cancer cannot be cured. It was around June and July 2, 2018, and she lost,” Maxwell said.

He said his wife’s fight with breast cancer prompted him to fight the disease for others.

“During our treatment of breast cancer, you know that my wife has learned that there are many women, especially in our area, who really don’t have the ability to get what they need,” Maxwell said.

One thing Maxwell’s wife wants to accomplish is to provide wigs for cancer patients.

Therefore, they started “Ridin’ 4 a Cure”, a welfare project to fund the WV Gal Hope Salon in Princeton, which provides these wigs.

Maxwell said: “The money we raised locally is to provide hair to the ladies, uh, breast cancer fighters.” “And also to help them receive treatments they might not be able to afford.”

Maxwell said the disease has affected many families. He encouraged others to do something to help local cancer patients.

“You know that my advice to you is to help the locals you know as much as possible, they have a lot of money in national organizations, and there is a lot of research going on,” Maxwell said. “Research is important, but the locals need help.”

Maxwell also cooperates with other doctors and public organizations to provide transportation services for cancer patients.

He also hopes to provide the community with education on preventive measures.

Anyone who is interested in donating money to the wig salon can visit the “Ridin’ 4 a Cure” website.

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