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The mission of a masseuse is to heal

Guang Nguyen

“Oh, my waist is sore, my shoulders are tight, and I have tennis elbow”… I complained! Chronic pain prompted a friend to recommend Tree World Spa to meet Quang. For many years, I have been enjoying fancy massages that I think are of high quality. Quang Nguyen of TREE WORLD SPA took it to a whole new level. His massage (medium for me) was great. After working at the Hilton Inverness Hotel, he worked at the PT clinic and worked with chiropractors. He decided to combine all his experience and knowledge to create his own boutique independent business.

What makes Quang unique is how he customizes the massage based on where you are being kneaded, rather than the standard of moving your body quickly once. Personally, after years of chronic low back pain, a 90-minute massage is still effective after three days! If necessary, he will stretch your body during the massage and show you how to relieve your pain at home, and teach you why and where this pain can breed disease. Quang is not in a hurry to let you go out (he takes 30 minutes between appointments), which also keeps him fresh with customers.

If you need a hot tub, meditation room, champagne or lounge before and after, TREE WORLD SPA is not the place to go. We look forward to your excellent and high-quality therapeutic massage experience. If that is your top priority, then go to Quang. During my date, I learned the stretching exercises I can do for my hamstrings, which will deeply affect my lower back arthritis pain and I will be cursed…it helps. Although, the stretch area that I have been neglecting for years, my knees are next to my ears and my feet are in the air, I feel stiff, but he has the motivation to get the client out of pain instead of doing half of the power work. Quang is more interested in helping to repair your body so that you can live an active and painless life.

Scheduling is a breeze; you can make an appointment on the website The last interesting tidbit, as you can see from the photos, Quang has its own series of homemade and organic CBD tinctures, lotions and shower gels for you to rest and recover at home. He has fragrant shower gels, lotions, foot scrubs, and an analgesic ointment like Ben-Gay as a whole, which worked very well the next day. If you are reading this article, you are likely to feel aches or pains somewhere; why not take advantage of the big opening promotion and meet Quang before you go in! We can keep our little secrets!

The first application for 60 minutes: $60.00, 90 minutes: $90.00, including two free organic bath bombs. WWW.TREEWORLDSPA.COM Quang Nguyen, LMT 219-333-6969 texting, the address is 7332 S Alton Way Suite 13-M, Centennial, 80112 But again, this is our little secret, right?

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