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Duluth, Minnesota, October 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – WorkWell, an expert in the prevention and treatment of sprains, strains, and back pain, today announced major improvements to its workplace safety recruitment services to support our changing workforce recruitment needs. New functions and usability features improve the organization’s ability to make informed hiring decisions to ensure that your candidates can complete their work safely. Enhancements include more flexibility in creating and accessing functional job descriptions and post-hiring employment testing (POET).

As organizations change recruitment methods and accept flexible working environments, teamwork, and cross-training, the workplace is undergoing considerable adjustments and changes. WorkWell’s new features ensure that HR personnel and job applicants have accurate and easy-to-understand job information about basic functions, tasks, and physical needs to ensure that they hire the right people for safe work.

“Musculoskeletal injuries in the workplace are common and costly. Workers who perform heavy material handling or repetitive tasks are particularly vulnerable. In addition, a large number of injuries occur during the first year of employment,” said Carrier Lebold, CEO of WorkWell. “With WorkWell’s comprehensive functional job description and POET plan, organizations can increase productivity and reduce work-related injuries by hiring the right employees, thereby increasing productivity, reducing 80% of lost workdays and reducing workers’ compensation costs.”

Flexibility in functional job descriptions to support changing work environments

WorkWell’s new features enhance the flexibility of its functional job description plan. Organizations can now have single or multi-position functional job descriptions, which can display the full scope of work, and can distinguish the physical needs of each position separately to support the practicality of evolving work practices.

Stakeholders across the organization can now directly access on-demand functional job descriptions and reports. Whether it’s recruitment, injury prevention or ergonomics, stakeholders can view data in a format that suits their needs, including table summaries, icons, and photos, allowing employers to display information to job applicants in a variety of ways to promote injury prevention And workplace safety.

The new feature builds on the ability to record workers’ participation in the development and verification of job descriptions that comply with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) best practices.

Physical test to ensure that the candidate can complete the job safely

WorkWell’s post-employment (POET) functional physical tasks and job requirements testing procedures are now improved to ensure coordination with other medical tests to ensure that job seekers can complete their work safely. Functional testing options related to regular/periodical work or different types of work requirements are also new.

WorkWell workplace safety recruitment service

WorkWell workplace safety recruitment service ensures that job seekers can complete their work safely. The post-employment test (POET) and functional job description (FJD) can help organizations hire qualified people for their work environment. Determining the physical requirements of the job begins with an objective functional job analysis (FJA) of basic and non-basic tasks and the working environment. Then use FJA analysis to generate/update a functional job description (FJD). The evidence-based information in FJD records the minimum physical requirements required to safely perform job duties. POET is a post-employment/pre-employment physical ability check performed by licensed medical professionals trained in the WorkWell POET program. Our national network of qualified medical professionals allows your candidates to get local POET screening quickly and easily.

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